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Do I need to register to buy?
How and when will I receive my order?

A registration is not required to purchase on MMOGS. Orders are sent to the email address entered on checkout/signup or to the email address associated to your selected payment processing method. However a registration is recommended and the only way to make use of MMOGS points, coupon codes and other promotional offers that can be found here or on partner websites.


Where is my key or account sent after buying?

Depending on the product you buy it will be delivered in a different way. For instance: Keys or accounts are delivered to the email address that you have used to checkout a product on our site. Steam or Uplay gifts or invites are sent manually by one of our traders, your Username is required so the trader can add you and send the gift. Purchases cannot be retrieved from inside the “my account” panel, for security reasons it will only display your orders and status. We generally deliver instantaneously, but in some cases (foreign accounts or accounts that have to be manually changed by our sellers) the delivery process can take up to 48 hours. Also keep in mind that order confirmations can be slightly delayed due to regional limitations, payment gateway API process errors or timeouts, etc. If you did not receive a recipe mail with your order ID right after purchase please contact us inmediately, an order confirmation is always sent after payment is complete.


I’m from another region. Can I pay with a different currency than US Dollars?

Depending on your country there could or not be a payment gateway limitation. That depends on the payment gateway you are trying to use to purchase on our site and may be related to regional restrictions or other limitations such as blocked or temporally unavailable payment processors. If you aren’t sure why a payment failed, please try getting in contact with your payment processor support team for help or use another payment method. We use U.S. Dollars as main currency on our site but most payment gateways are capable of converting the standard currency into your countries currency. There is no price difference between countries and there are no hidden fees. However if purchasing via PaySafeCard or similar providers, a transaction fee can be applied depending on the region and local tax estimations. For example: some PaySafeCards can only be activated in the country they were bought, but by adding the card to the Skrill Moneybookers platform a user could pay outside of his county using Skrill. Crypto Payments have generally no regional limitations and are straight forward via our payment gateway.
Contact us for more information about payments and payment methods.


I don’t have any of the below indicated payment methods, what can I do?

Ask a friend to purchase the item fo you or contact us directly via Live Chat or email us and let us know how you would like to purchase the product. If there is a solution, we’ll find it.


The game I want to buy is currently unavailable. When will it be back in stock?

If a game is currently not available at the time you want to buy it, you can add your email to a waitlist in order to get mailed whenever the product is back in stock. Of course this is not a guarantee that it will be added again soon, but you will receive an email when the game becomes available and can’t miss it.


When purchasing via PayPal or Skrill, do I need to be registered there?

Yes, a registration is needed for PayPal or Skrill and a valid credit card or bank account can and should be added to the account, otherwise it will be loged as a “unverified” account which can trigger a halt on your order. For security reasons we only accept payments from verified users. Unregistered user payments will be refunded instantaneously or not be accepted at all, eCheck orders will be delivered whenever a payment is cleared (we don’t recommend paying using the eCheck method because it takes to long to clear). Make sure you are logged into your account before purchasing any game or service on this site, if you don’t have an account yet please take a minute to read Help Nr. #1 for the benefits. We accept credit card payments if the card is added to PayPal and ID is verified and owner address is confirmed.


Will I be able to play the game I want to buy in my region? Can I stream it?

On each product Site you’ll find a Tab called “Platform(s)”, there you can find detailed information about regional settings. Some games do have regional restrictions, others require you to accept an Non Disclosure Agreement. In most cases regional restrictions can be avoided using a VPN or Proxy Server. Please make sure you meet the requirements for taking part in the game before attempting to purchase it. Some games may need you to have an older version of the game or at least a starter account on the service site. Most games do not have regional restrictions and are open to the public, some have schedules. Some shouldn’t be broadcasted. If a VPN is required in order to activate, login and/or play, we recommend to use a secure and private service such as this one.


Is there any estimation on when the product will be back in stock?

Unfortunately, we can’t say if or when exactly we are getting new stock since we rely on individual and professional suppliers. Wholesale is a offer and demand driven untameable monster and often game releases or alpha and beta tests get delayed and occasionally cancelled or postponed to another month or year by the developers or suppliers. Since it’s unpredictable to predict you have the option to to signup on the waitlist instead of purchasing it. No estimations.


Where do I redeem my key or log in to the account I bought?

On each product site you’ll find a tab called “Activation Instructions” with links to the official website, download links for the game client and system requirements. Please make sure to double check that information because sometimes there’s changes in the schedules and possible regional restrictions we can’t always make people aware of until someone tells us. If you see that certain information is missing or incorrect, please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.


My question is not listed here. What should I do?

Whatsoever you behave, stay calm and just don’t panic!
If the question you have is not listed here, please get in contact with us via Live Chat, Discord, Skype or Email and ask us about it in person. Don’t worry if your English skills aren’t the greatest, we speak multiple languages and have no problems using Google Translator.