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Do I have to register?
How and when will I receive my order?

A registration is not needed to purchase in our site. Upon purchasing a product, the product will be delivered to the email address associated with the payment method you selected, instantaneously. However a registration is recommended and the only way to make use of MMOGS Points, Coupon Codes and other promotional offers. Registering on MMOGS is free and you start with 100 MMOG Points, that’s not a fortune, but the more you buy, the more keys you collect on your account. Points and Coupons are entered in the cart during the checkout process in order to get a discount on the selcted products.


Where do I receive my key or account after purchasing?

Purchased products will be delivered to the email address that you added in your payment gateway or the email address registered on MMO Gamer Store. No matter what payment method you select. Order details and product codes will be sent to one of your emails, codes cannot be retrieved from inside the “my account” panel for security reasons. Please bear in mind that orders can ocasionally be slightly delayed due to regional limitations, payment gateway API process duration, etc. If you did not receive a mail right after purchase please contact one of our support agents in order to get a solution.


I’m from another region. Can I pay with a different currency?

Depending on what country you live in, ther could or not be a payment gateway limitation. That depends on the payment gateway you are trying to use to purchase on our site and may be related to regional restrictions. If you aren’t sure why a payment failed, please ask your payment gateway’s support agent for help or use another payment method. We use U.S. Dollars as currency on our site, most payment gateways are capable of converting the standard currency in you countries currency. There is no price difference between countries and there are no hidden fees. However if purchasing via PaySafeCard or similar providers, a transaction fee canbe applied depending on the region and local tax estimations. For example: some PaySafeCards can only be activated in the country they were bought, but adding the card to the Skrill Moneybookers Platform a user could pay outside of his county using Skrill. The G2A Pay System is a great alternative to and includes several payment gateways such as AliPay, PaySafeCard, G2A Wallet, and many more.
Contact us for more information about the PaySafeCard Payments.


I can’t pay right now. Can I reserve a game key or account?

Yes, simply leave a message on the Live Chat or email us and let us know which item you’d like to have reserved. We can reserve items up to 24 hours, after that items go straight back into the pool. However, it’s not allowed to reserve more than 1 item per account. Accounts without any purchases made on MMO Gamer Store are not eligible for product reservations.
If a game is currently not available at the time you want to buy it, you can add your email to a waitlist in order to get mailed whenever the product is back in stock.


I received an email asking me to verify my ID after purchase. What does that mean?

Unprabable but possible. In certain cases we will ask you to verify your ID. A valid national document that identifies you as a real person as an account holder or owner. It can be a passport or a drivers license. It’s just a precaution we take to asure that we are dealing with a real person and not a bot or a hacker. Please be aware of that a online trade is not anonymous and every click on this site is monitored and logged. We have rigorous methods to detect fraud activities, using obfuscators of any kind, proxies, injectors, spoofers, denial of service attacks, providing false information will end in a cancellation of your order, deletion of your account and a permanent ban from this site and all market sites connected to it.


When purchasing via PayPal or Skrill, do I need to be registerd on there?

Yes, a registration is indeed needed for PayPal or Skrill and a valid credit card or bank account can and should be added to the account, otherwise it will be loged as a “unverified” account which can trigger the confimation mail. We can only accept payments from verified users. Unregistered user payments or eChecks will be refunded instantaneously or not be accepted at all. Please make sure you are logged into your account before purchasing any game or service on this site, if you don’t have an account yet please take a minute to read Help Nr. #1 for the benefits. We only accept Credit Card payments if the card is added to PayPal and ID is verified and holder address confirmed, same with G2A Pay.


Will I be able to play the game I want to buy in my region?

On each items Product Site you’ll find a Tab called “Platform(s)”, on there you can find detailed inforation about regional settings. Some games do have regional restrictions, others need you to accept an Non Disclosure Agreement. In most cases regional restrictions can be avoided using a private VPN or Proxy Server service. Please make sure you meet the requirements for taking part in the tests before attempting to purchase it. Some games may need you to have an older version of the game or at least a starter account on the service site. Most games do not have regional restrictions and are open to the world, some have schedules. Some shouldn’t be broadcasted. If a VPN is required in order to activate, login and/or play, we recommend to use a secure and private service such as this one.


The prodct I want is not available? When will it be back in stock?

Unfortunately, we can’t say when exactly we are getting new stock since we rely on suppliers and individuals. Often alpha and beta tests get delayed and occasionally cancelled or postponed to another month or year. Since it’s unpredictable when exactly the stock is filled with new games we came up with the “waitlist”, on there you can signup with your email and be the first to know whenever the product you want is available.


Where do I redeem my Game key or log in to the account I bought?

On each products official website is a Tab called “Activation Instructions”, on there you can find links of the official site, download links of the game client and system requirements. Please make sure to double check that information because sometimes there’s changes in the schedules and possible regional restrictions we aren’t aware of until someone find out a bug. If you see that certain information is missing or incorrect, please let us know asapand you will be rewarded in MMOGS Points for your help.


My question is not listed here. What should I do?

Whatsoever you behave, stay calm and just don’t panic!
If the question you have is not listed here, please get in contact with us via Live Chat, Skype or Email and ask us about it in person. We speak fluent English, German and Spanish so feel free to talk in you native language if that’s easier for you. You may want to fill out this form too. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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