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What is a Closed Alpha
what is Open Beta,
whats a Stress Test?

Closed Alpha Testing refers to a very early access to a game, usually those invites are for a very limited number of players.
Closed Beta is access to a game whichs access stage relies on player input in order to find and correct bugs.
Ocasionally videogame developers open their servers to the open public for a so called “Stress Tests” or “Techinical Test”, mosty before release date.
Open Beta is the end phase developers usually initiate right before the release of the game to get as most people as possible atracted.


Why is there a category called ‘Early Access’ and what exactly is it?

“Early Access”, “alphafunding”, or “paid-alpha” is a funding model in the video game industry by which consumers can pay for a game in the early stages of it’s development and obtain access to a playable but unfinished version of the game, while the developer is able to use those funds to continue working on the game. Those that pay to participate typically help to debug the game, provide feedback and suggestions, and may have access to special goodies upon release of the game. The early access approach is a common way to obtain funding for indie games and may also be used along other funding mechanisms. Term is widely used and has it’s root in the Steam Community (Greenlight).
On MMOGS we use it to categorize all non-full games such as those who are currently in Alpha or Beta stage of their development to avoid confusions.


Why do you sell ‘Open’ Alpha/Beta accounts/keys, isn’t it free?

We do that mainly with foreign game accounts. Many Chinese, Korean or Japanese game accounts need to be verified with a local phone and a social security number of a real person. It is impossible for people that don’t live in those countries or do not know ayone who could assist them doing that. But in most cases you receive a special goodie with those foreign accounts like a translation patch, ingame cash, etc. Besides that, some Open Alpha/Beta tests still require the player to enter a key in order to play, that basically makes it a Closed Beta test but some people, even developers get confused with those terms sometimes. Generally “Open Beta” means open for everyone, but can mean, open to the public press, but needs a key in order to participate.
So, it’s free, and it isn’t, cause basically you buy a service in this case.


How do you get all the keys and accounts?

We rely on individual and professional suppliers and gamers from all over the world. Individuals that don’t have time to play or aren’t interested in playing a certain game or just want to make some quick extra money. You can become a Supplier to, it’s easy! Click here.


What are special deals and how do they work?

Special, epic, majestic or holiday deals are offers for a limited amount of time.
Those offers can be  found here or on other websites connected to MMOGS.
Some will have requirement such as a minimum purchase amount or quantity, others will require a promotional code or have a counting point system.


Can I sell my products here?

Indeed you can! We rely on suppliers and sellers to offer a great variety of products to our dear customers, therefore a new seller is always welcome!
Of course we need to verify your person/products in order to be able to sell here.
If you want to become a supplier or seller on MMOGS contact us via LiveChat or email.


What are the auctions and how do they work?

Have you ever bought something on eBay? Our auction system is very similar. There’s a seller who wants to sell a product, so he sets a minumum price, a buyout and an end date for his product. The buyer can bid on the sellers product and if his bid is the highest after the time ends, he/she wins! Of course he/she can get outbid by somebody else. If the buyer uses the buyout button (only if the seller has set a buyout price) he wins the auction and gets the product after providing the payment. Auctions, as same as regular product sales can only be started by selected product vendors or middleman. More information about how to become a vendor can be found here.


If buying an alpha, beta or Early Access acc/key, do I get to keep the game when tests are over?

Keep in mind that when you buy an alpha/beta key/account you are buying pre-access to a game that is still in development, an unfinished product. You are NOT buying the full game, only access to it for a certain time period, the game will be subject to the developers changes and conditions, and support may or not be present at all. Some games, wipe accounts after a testing period, some games will have a free-to-play game model, others won’t. Some may have an in-game store where you will be able to purchase items and goodies and keep those after the test or maybe items are part of the account after the testing period only. MMOGS does not take any responsabilities for game changes, account wipes/bans, or any of the decisions that game developers make during such a test period and encourage you to actually buy the full game if you like it.


Is there something else I need to keep in mind when buying/playing a game that’s currently in alpha/beta phase?

Generally there’s 4 golden rules:
1. Keep an eye on the dev blog, dates and changes are announced there first.
2. If you want to stream, ask before you do! Some games have very stict Non Disclosure Agreements.
3. Give feedback, be a part of the community to make the game better.
4. If you like the game, buy it when it releases.


My question is not listed here? What should I do?

Whatsoever you behave, stay calm and just don’t panic!
If the question you have is not listed here, please get in contact with us via Live Chat, Skype or Email and ask us about it personally. We speak fluent English, German and Spanish so feel free to write in your language.