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Breakaway Alpha Key (PC)

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Breakaway is a multiplayer brawler game in which two teams of four attempt to move a ball (the relic) to their opponent’s goal. Each team member (hero) has unique abilities towards these ends, similar to the heroes of the MOBA genre. Each hero can build two structures, such as turrets, healing shrines, and walls. The player can upgrade their structures mid-game with gold earned through the match. Heroes span several class types—such as tanks, swordsmen, and mages—and archetypal themes (e.g., a knight and Spartacus). The game is fought on battlefields with themes such as El Dorado and Atlantis.
The game includes several features aimed to promote streaming on Twitch, the streaming service purchased by Amazon. Broadcast Match Builder invites streamer followers to games. Broadcaster Spotlight lets players know when their match is being streamed. Metastream overlays game stats atop streamer video. Stream+ lets streamers run polls and place bets with in-game currency.

Test duration: First test 8:00 PM PDT Thursday June 15 until 10:00 am PDT Monday June 19

Available Languages: Multilanguage

Activation Instrucions: Activate key on official website

Game client: Download via official website

Official site: playbreakaway.com







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