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The D.R.G Initiative

The D.R.G. Initiative Alpha Key (Steam)

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The D.R.G. Initiative is a 3rd person team combat shooter, focussed on pure competitive play, set in purpose built arenas.

The game is team elimination and the team with the last man/woman standing wins the round. Each player gets to pick two different characters per round and you can switch between them during the game by using the swap-pods found in the arena. Once your first character is killed you auto switch to the next one, now you have to stay alive to try to win the round or you’re permanently dead and out of the round, no further respawning!

The other team are not the only foes to deal with, the Addicted are the raging, primal human monsters that are released into the arena for sport and spectacle. They have nothing left to live for and all they are interested in is…… you and your untimely end.

Ammo and health packs are scarce commodities in The D.R.G. Initiative, so go easy on the spray and pray. Working as a team is the critical winning formula. Whether it’s securing more Ammo or Health, dealing with the Addicted or of course finding and dispatching the opposing team. Mastering specific factions and levelling up your characters and factions together is a key part of winning.

The Leaders of the new world order needed a radical approach to discourage criminality and remind the population of the deadly threat of the Addicted.

The first shows were never intended to be what they have become today. Originally a one-time only, globally broadcast event that showed how crimes would be punished if you chose to take that path.

Each of the enclaves that survived the old world destruction entered an Enforcement squad of their best fighters and hunters. They were heavily armed and well trained.

They were pitched against teams of the worst of the criminals that had been rounded up and condemned.

The shows were huge, and the population begged for more. It didn’t take long for Leaders to sign-off on the Enforcement squads taking on each other. And the popularity soared to new unimaginable heights as people tuned in to watch the Gladiatorial battles between Earth’s surviving factions.

And with that, The D.R.G. Initiative was born. Welcome, to the greatest show on Earth!

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Available Languages: English

Activation Instrucions: Activate key on Steam

Game client: Download via Steam

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