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Elyon CBT2 Beta Key (Steam)

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About this Game

Elyon AIR is a Steampunk style MMORPG developed by Krafton. The game focuses on the fight between two kingdoms, Vulpin and Ontari. The two factions fight each other in massive battles with a non-target combat system.


Choose one of the 5 available classes: Warlord, Elementalist, Mystic and Gunner. Elyon’s unique skill system allows you to customize your character with a wide range of skills.
Discover the massive Realm vs Realm battles in Elyon’s massive open world, which combine aerial and land-based fighting. Choose the battlefield and join your allies in the quest for glory.

How to activate

  1. Download and install the Elyon client and create or login to an account.
  2. Navigate to profile and click on 'redeem code'
  3. Enter the code you've received into the field and confirm by clicking OK.
  4. Click on 'activate product', click next and accept the terms.
  5. Download the game into your library and click on play.




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1 review for Elyon CBT2 Beta Key (Steam)

  1. 7oRRo (verified owner)

    “Good Game”

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